Testimonials of Kevin

Lois and Doug Wark

We began dealing with Kevin and Freedom 55 Financial when my previous financial advisor changed companies and my account was passed on to Kevin. From the first moment I walked into Kevin’s office I felt comfortable. At that time there was only Lily in the front office working part-time and Kevin. Within the first ten minutes I felt very relaxed and confident that Kevin did have my best interest at heart. I never had any apprehension about having my financial planning handled by Kevin.

Doug then moved his LRIF to Kevin’s office. Our main concern at that time was to have a Financial Advisor we could rely on and one that would be staying in the Brandon area. Kevin managed to calm our fears and provided us with the information we needed regarding our retirement years.

We have struggled through the lows of the market and have been buoyed by Kevin’s calm reassurances that “it will get better”. I’m sure there are times he didn’t want to have to deal with our misgivings regarding our investments and fears about the future, but he did…and in the end we would leave the office wiser and calmer. Kevin would explain things until he was assured we understood.

We are so confident in Kevin’s knowledge as a financial advisor that we now have our two children working with Kevin and have recommended him to our friends, some of whom are now Kevin’s clients. We look forward to dealing with Kevin through “our golden years”!

Shane and Trevor Robins

​My husband and I have been dealing with Freedom 55 Financial for over two years. After a not so positive experience with a previous financial institution, Kevin found a personable way to re-instill our faith in the financial business.

Previously we were made to feel expendable and unimportant. Kevin’s attention to detail and genuine caring about his clients was verification enough to us that we had made the correct choice. We know that we can simply stop in to the “homey” atmosphere in the office to ask any questions we may have; they always make time for us.

Kevin’s business is about relationships that grow and build over time. He understands this fully and with that foundation his team and he practice what they preach. We are proud to call him our financial security advisor.

Tracy and Laird Lidster

We’ve been working with Kevin for a few years now and we both feel completely confident that we made the right choice dealing with Kevin and his staff at Freedom 55 Financial. He took the time to learn about our needs and worked to provide options for us that fit our lifestyle and budget. Kevin has taken a very professional approach to his business and towards his clients.

His genuine enthusiasm towards his work stands out above everything else. I’m truly confident in Kevin to look after our investments as we prepare for today as well as the future.

He was more than helpful when our son Rylan was born. He made sure we had all the papers ready to go when we wanted additional insurance for our family. We’re confident in the decisions we make with Kevin since we trust he’s provided us with the best options for what we need. We’ve never felt any pressure to make a decision about products or services. Knowing there won’t be pressure makes it easy to ask questions and look at a variety of options.

We first met Kevin on a professional level, but we’ve since developed a friendship. Having someone you can trust and someone who takes the time to learn about your specific goals is a valuable asset!

Myrna Barkley

Over the years I have learned to really trust Kevin Martin because he has done the right thing for me. I would be really lost without him and the help he has given me. My husband was the one in our household who took care of all our investments, life insurances and financial planning and when he died I was really quite lost as I didn’t know where to begin. I knew that I was going to have to do something so I made an appointment with Kevin. Two weeks later after Kevin had had a chance to go through everything I returned and worked with him in putting everything in place. When I decided to sell my house and go into a condo I contacted Kevin for his opinion as I wasn’t sure if I should or could afford to do this. He told me not to worry that I could make this move. I have been in my condo for over a year and I love it.

I do wonder, how many other women out there who are thinking the same thing; where do you go, what do you do, who do you trust? I’ve gotten to know Kevin Martin over the last four years and I do trust him. I tell my friends, even those who still have their husbands, that they need to have a plan. You need your money to work for you and Kevin Martin will help to see that it does!

Regan and Greg Lewis

​We first met Kevin of Freedom 55 Financial while sitting on the organizing committee for a large, local, curling bonspiel. As a young couple just starting out in our first home, we hadn’t put much thought into financial planning thinking we really couldn’t afford it. We had always been leery of pushy financial planners, but after getting to know Kevin, it was apparent that with his easy going personality he was someone we could talk to and work with. During our first financial planning meeting, Kevin asked us what our personal goals were, and where we wanted to be in the future. He also spent time explaining, in easy to understand terms, about investments, RRSPs, mutual funds, RESPs, life insurance, disability protection and much more. At the time we could only afford to invest a small amount of money. Kevin never pressured us to invest more than what we felt comfortable with, but rather commended us for taking time to think about the future. Since then our family and financial blankets have grown, with the arrival of our daughters, Colsie and Kylan. At this point we knew we needed to make sure that not only our future was looked after, but the girls as well. Not knowing what we should do, but feeling completely comfortable and confident in Kevin, we sat down and budgeted what we felt we could afford to contribute each month, and came up with what we affectionately call “our plan”. Kevin looked after the rest making sure we were completely covered for the future, including setting up an RESP for the girls.

Kevin has proven himself to be a hard working, personable, and honest professional in his dealings with us. We have absolutely no reservations recommending Kevin Martin to others hoping to plan for their future.

Thank you so much Kevin for helping us as we work towards our dreams!!

Tracey and Darren Tremblay

​I have been dealing with Kevin and Freedom 55 Financial for several years now for all of my financial and investments needs and am truly happy! I know that I can trust him and feel confident in the decisions I make with his guidance and education.

Kevin has always been looking out for my best interest and I would recommend him to anyone! In 2005 when I purchased my home, he was able to make a stressful time pleasant in regards to my mortgage and insurance. With life changing and getting married, Kevin wanted to make sure that Darren and I would be looked after and with the arrival of our son Jackson, we are focusing on planning for all of our futures. From our mortgage, life and critical illness insurance, investments, and Jackson's RESP, we know that we are doing the right thing when it comes to our financial security plan. We appreciate everything that Kevin and his staff have done for our family and look forward to our annual meetings together. It is so nice and reassuring to know that a trustworthy and friendly voice is only a phone call away.

Kevin, thank you for our continued relationship and we look forward to many years of financial success and growth!

Testimonials of Debbie

Ray and Ursula Hertz

My brother in law recommended we meet with Debbie as he was very impressed with how she had helped his family. I told him that we were already dealing with a CFP and were being taken care of. He was persistent and told me what all she had done for them so I thought we should meet with her. One of the first things I liked was the way she explained things, she made it easy for me to understand. After dealing with Debbie for about a year now we are very impressed with how she keeps up to date with changes and lets us know of any changes that will affect us or would be beneficial for us. She returns our calls promptly and always comes to a meeting prepared with what we discussed previously and anything new that needs to be addressed. Not only has she helped with our investments but has also reviewed our insurance coverage as well. We had no idea how our insurance worked into our retirement plan but now thanks to Debbie we do.

Ruth Durand

My husband and I met with Debbie about 3 years ago to review insurance policies which we had with London Life for many years. At the time my husband Mel was off on disability and had not yet been diagnosed with ALS, and we were working with another advisor and thought we were being taken care of. Debbie offered to complete a review of our existing plan and we were impressed with the plan she presented and that she took the time to explain everything in a manner that was easy for us to understand. With Mel’s disability we had no idea how much paperwork would be involved and she helped us complete the many forms. When Mel retired she helped us complete the forms to apply for OAS and CPP and talked with us about tax savings strategies. When my husband passed away Debbie dealt with the insurance and our investments which allowed me to deal with my loss and I didn’t have to worry about my finances. Debbie is very knowledgeable and has helped me through a tough period in my life. I am very happy to be dealing with Debbie and would highly recommend her to others.

Barb and Dan Rob

My husband and I have been working with Debbie as our financial advisor for the past six years. We couldn't be more pleased with the top notch service we receive from Debbie. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and answers any questions or concerns we may have regarding our finances or our retirement plan promptly and in a manner that we can easily understand. She follows up regularly to ensure we are on track to making our dream of an early retirement a reality! It is especially nice knowing that as we approach retirement we will have someone to guide us in making informed decisions with regards to pension options.

We have recommended Debbie to our son's and their family and are thankful that they are able to get a much earlier start with an excellent Financial Advisor and get the much needed advice to secure their financial future as well as having their life insurance needs fulfilled. Regular follow up is the key to a successful financial plan and with Debbie that is taken care of on an ongoing basis. Thank you Debbie for the wonderful service you have provided to our family, it is truly appreciated.